Friday, 7 May 2010

OMG~ I am featured in a Magazine!!!

I came home today to a parcel and when i opened it i had so many butterflies!!!!

Omg it was a magazine that i had made something for and was featured in, i just looked at it for a while not daring to open it lol then quickly looked through it to find my feature..........................Apart from having to have my picture on it :-0
I am so pleased with the outcome and cant stop looking at it!!

I am featured in MAKING GIFTS magazine~ issue 4 and have made "a charming handmade hearts and gingerbread memo garland~ afun way to hang your lists, memos, photos and much more!" here are some piccies

How good is that ~woohoo

Oh dear :-[ i am failing at this blog lark is my life so so busy that i struggle to write every week??? the answer to that is YES at the moment!!!

I have had a few custom orders that i have just finished one being for
Who asked me if i would commission a travel journal for her little girl for their trip to Paris.

Hope your little girl enjoys writing about her adventures in her journal!

I have also had quite a few orders for girls keepsake boxes and this is one i have just finished.....

this all in between having, painters,plasterers,electritions and joiners in my house to get it decorated so my house has been upside down for a while!!!!

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How time flies!......................

I cant believe its been that long since i last blogged - have been so busy with custom orders, updating shops and am busy doing a make for a magazine!!!

I have opened another shop for my recycle range you can find it here

I have also had a craft clearout and got a load of destash items so have decided to make some kids craft kits with it - here are a few i have made already

Right better get off and get something done short and sweet this time but will be blogging with some exciting news soon!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

And the WINNER is ...........................

drum roll................................ and the winner of my giveaway is Pauline R whos idea was Unique Cycle - Thanx Pauline xxx

My new shop banner that i have been working on is finished

What do you think????

My Weekend

Hello all, hope your all having a great weekend and its nice and sunny where you are like it is here!!

I have had a blasted cold for a few days and just cant shake it off so have been feeling pretty sorry for myself, however with the weather like this it does make me feel a little better and have made myself get organised this weekend!!

My list of things to do were to

  1. update my wow thankyou shop (will talk about this in a mo)

  2. promote my giveaway - which has now ended i now just need to sit and decide who has won :-)

  3. Design a Vintage cone for a lady

  4. And make a chalk board plaque for an order

I am nearly there with my list and hope to get it all finished by the end of today..........!

Now a little of Wow Thank you ! - those of you that dont know a new site promoting the talents of artisans from all over the UK.

With over 1000 products currently on offer, many of which are one-off items, WowThankYou encourages the general public to look beyond the shopping centres and buy unique, home-grown, gifts instead. Promoting the work of 230 small, often home-based, businesses WowThankYou is providing an online outlet for selected artisans who usually sell only through regional craft fairs.

I am so pleased to be part of this and Tracey and Georgena have worked really hard so hope it is a success for all!! if you have not taken the time to have a browse please take the time it is fab!!

Will be anouncing the winner to my giveaway later on today so keep checking back!! it could be you.........................

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My New Recycle Range &Giveaway!!!!

I have started making a recycle range where i find items that have been discarded or forgotten about and I give them a new lease of life for example, photoframes, coat hooks, wooden boxes etc

I really enjoy doing this and have decided to open another shop on Misi and Folksy just purely for these items

Right to the giveaway............... i need a name for my new store i am wanting something to say i recycle and something funky!!!

I am asking you for ideas for a name for this new shop and the one i like the best can choose an item in my new shop

a few of the items i already have to put in this shop are funky and bright and unique

Please leave your ideas for my new shop name in the comment box below and i will choose the name of my NEW shop and winner on Sunday 14th March!!!

Doesnt time fly lol ....................... was supposed to be blogging quite regular but dont seem to be able to fit everything in!
I must admit i had been crafting like mad for the last 2 weeks as i did a handmade market stall (my first i may add!!!) on Saturday at Sheffield and wanted to have plenty of stock!
Most of the stock has returned with me - boo hoo, as the footfall wasnt great and it was a cold wet day but i was pleased with how my stall turned out was worth going for the experience here are some piccies....................

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Handmade Market comin up.....................

Hi everyone hope your all ok and havn't had too much snow!
We didnt have it for long much to my childrens disapointment.................

Anyway i have been crafting like a mad women to get some creations together for The Handmade Market which i am attending at the Workstation - Sheffield on Sat 6th March organised by Hamdmade Revolution
...................................its all coming together very slowly lol

Will be my first time so am a little nervous but sure it will all be ok on the day ....well thats what i keep telling myself

Also it will be the launch of Wow Thankyou on the 5th March which i am really excited about part off so its all go this end

I have also just added a button to my blog to get a chance to enter a fantastic giveaway - take a look it is never know you may be lucky!!

Until next time xxxx

Friday, 12 February 2010

First of all let me just apologise - oooooooooppppps i havnt written my blog for many many months must get into the habit lol
I just wanted to write to tell you all about my new recycle range and how it came about....... hope not to be too long!!
I work
with children form 3-10 yrs and am always looking for new ideas for activities etc.My superviser took me to a place called The Playforum - Many local businesses support them by donating recycleable materials such has card, paper, fabric, plastic containers, etc they then distribute these materials to our members through our scrapstores.

where you can buy items that have been given to the playforum to be recycled and made into wonderful things - i had a fantastic time and filled a whole trolley full of stuff for a small charge!

The children and I have made some great stuff with the items and it got me thinking of recycling to make unique items to sell ---------- hence my new recycle range !!!

i have been working on it for just over a week now finding frames, bowls,mats and much more that have been in charity shops ,car boots, jumble sales etc and given them a new lease of life with eyecatching recycleable materials and am really happy with the result - hope you are too!!!
Thanx for reading xxxx will not leave it so long this time! x