Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What I have been up to.......

Apart from dealing with the cats presents this week - A dead pigeon and a live mouse - Yuck!!!! So he has now been shut out!!!!

I have been making some craft packs for some ladies (Jean - TALKING BEADS and Marianne -
www.jewelsofisis.com) for their grandchildren and have really enjoyed putting them together here are the piccies

I have also made a personalised fabric organiser for Mimi - www.artymimi.co.uk

And i have also joined up to twitter as Unique Kelso (Kelly Scott) and opened a shop on Etsy although got a few more items to add i got easily confused lol xxxx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I'm afraid its the end..........................

.........................of my knitting days!!
Sorry i havnt blogged for a few days about my challenge to knit a cushion, i have been rushed off my feet!!!
Anyway i started kniting and used to balls of wool but they must not have been big balls as the knitting i created wasnt big enough to make the cushion i wanted!!!

My son then asked me if i could make it in to a little cushion for his Lucy! (his beloved ragdoll) so that is what i did and here it is.............It is possibly the worst thing i have ever made lol but Oleigh and Lucy were happy with it and couldn't wait to get snuggled up into bed!!
So that is the end off my Knitting days for now it wasn'tsomething i particulary enjoyed but am glad i tried something new...........i ma now going to focus on the craft i love xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

I managed it..........

Yes, last night i managed to knit a few rows.I couldn't get my head around casting on then going onto knitting but after a MISI friend explained it to me i did it!!!!

Right so the bit that i did isn't fantastic and i cast on with 30 stitches and cast off with 39 ;-0 lol i am quite proud with what i achieved - here it is....

So now i have cast on again and am going to make myself a little cushion i just hope i can manage it without dropping stitches and even gaining them he! he!


Is that myself and my youngest Oleigh have made a cupcake cake and it has turned out really well unlike the pancakes i normally end up with we are both proud of it, maybe too proud to let anyone eat it ......

Its vanilla and chocolate chip sponge with buttercream icing and malteasers yum!yum!

Friday, 11 February 2011

My New Challenge!!

I have decided to set myself a challenge and try and learn a new craft that i am a complete novice at and thought i would log it all down in my blog so let the trails and tribulations begin .................................

Ok so i collected the things i thought i would need which was wool, knitting needles and a getting started booklet!!

So the first thing is to cast on now let me tell you it took me about an hour .........yes you heard right AN HOUR! to cast on 27 stitches, i did however keep unravelling what i had done because it didnt look right :-0 so here is where i left it last night...............

Friday, 4 February 2011

What have i been up to................

Since i last blogged way back in May..............OMG!!!

I have given my shop a name change i am now UNIQUE KELSO and i have shops on Misi,Folksy,Wow thankyou, Nanookie and have set up my own website which is very time consuming but worth it!


I have just featured in the making gifts Magazine again and my make was on the front cover

I made the boys magnetic board and really enjoyed doing the article.

I am now trying to make a few more items to list in my shop and am looking into doing a few fairs this year.Until next time................

So Sorry........................

I have neglected my blog for a few months now!!! I am sorry i have given it a revamp this morning and will be a better blogger i promise!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

OMG~ I am featured in a Magazine!!!

I came home today to a parcel and when i opened it i had so many butterflies!!!!

Omg it was a magazine that i had made something for and was featured in, i just looked at it for a while not daring to open it lol then quickly looked through it to find my feature..........................Apart from having to have my picture on it :-0
I am so pleased with the outcome and cant stop looking at it!!

I am featured in MAKING GIFTS magazine~ issue 4 and have made "a charming handmade hearts and gingerbread memo garland~ afun way to hang your lists, memos, photos and much more!" here are some piccies

How good is that ~woohoo