Sunday, 14 March 2010

My Weekend

Hello all, hope your all having a great weekend and its nice and sunny where you are like it is here!!

I have had a blasted cold for a few days and just cant shake it off so have been feeling pretty sorry for myself, however with the weather like this it does make me feel a little better and have made myself get organised this weekend!!

My list of things to do were to

  1. update my wow thankyou shop (will talk about this in a mo)

  2. promote my giveaway - which has now ended i now just need to sit and decide who has won :-)

  3. Design a Vintage cone for a lady

  4. And make a chalk board plaque for an order

I am nearly there with my list and hope to get it all finished by the end of today..........!

Now a little of Wow Thank you ! - those of you that dont know a new site promoting the talents of artisans from all over the UK.

With over 1000 products currently on offer, many of which are one-off items, WowThankYou encourages the general public to look beyond the shopping centres and buy unique, home-grown, gifts instead. Promoting the work of 230 small, often home-based, businesses WowThankYou is providing an online outlet for selected artisans who usually sell only through regional craft fairs.

I am so pleased to be part of this and Tracey and Georgena have worked really hard so hope it is a success for all!! if you have not taken the time to have a browse please take the time it is fab!!

Will be anouncing the winner to my giveaway later on today so keep checking back!! it could be you.........................

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  1. wow thankyou looks like a really good site - might check it out!