Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My New Recycle Range &Giveaway!!!!

I have started making a recycle range where i find items that have been discarded or forgotten about and I give them a new lease of life for example, photoframes, coat hooks, wooden boxes etc

I really enjoy doing this and have decided to open another shop on Misi and Folksy just purely for these items

Right to the giveaway............... i need a name for my new store i am wanting something to say i recycle and something funky!!!

I am asking you for ideas for a name for this new shop and the one i like the best can choose an item in my new shop

a few of the items i already have to put in this shop are funky and bright and unique

Please leave your ideas for my new shop name in the comment box below and i will choose the name of my NEW shop and winner on Sunday 14th March!!!


  1. i am not good at things like this
    recycled with love

    told you i was not good
    hope you do well in your new shop

  2. Encore Gifts - as in, coming back again. x

  3. I've had another think and Encore Kreations sounds better and fits in with your other stores, so theres link between the two.

  4. Kelso eco?

    Rescue chic?... thought of hip rescue but you might get people waiting for hip operations instead lol x

  5. Max - great minds think alink - Old2New was my thought too. OK, now I need another suggestion so my suggestion is

    Found and ReMade


  6. oh how I wish I hadn't looked at the previous comments, they're all so good!

    all I can think of is ReCreations

  7. all very good suggestions-what about kelso-cycle

  8. thank you all yhis giveaway has now ended and i will anounce the winner later on today x-x-x-x

  9. mine was already taken...but i was planning on spelling it differently..."ReKreations by Kelso"