Saturday, 19 February 2011

I'm afraid its the end..........................

.........................of my knitting days!!
Sorry i havnt blogged for a few days about my challenge to knit a cushion, i have been rushed off my feet!!!
Anyway i started kniting and used to balls of wool but they must not have been big balls as the knitting i created wasnt big enough to make the cushion i wanted!!!

My son then asked me if i could make it in to a little cushion for his Lucy! (his beloved ragdoll) so that is what i did and here it is.............It is possibly the worst thing i have ever made lol but Oleigh and Lucy were happy with it and couldn't wait to get snuggled up into bed!!
So that is the end off my Knitting days for now it wasn'tsomething i particulary enjoyed but am glad i tried something new...........i ma now going to focus on the craft i love xxx


  1. I think Lucy loves her cushion..!!


  2. lovely photo - I assume he's not really asleep, just pretending (I think the smile gives it away)

  3. I think you should be as proud as your son. The knitting is very even and that is a big achievement I can assure you. I saw a garment on Ravelry (a knitting forum) last week and you could tell where she had stopped halfway thro a row to leave it until later. Very very bad knitting lady. Have a rest and then try again in a few weeks. Well done Kelly.

  4. aww thats lovely, well done for trying :)