Saturday, 12 February 2011

I managed it..........

Yes, last night i managed to knit a few rows.I couldn't get my head around casting on then going onto knitting but after a MISI friend explained it to me i did it!!!!

Right so the bit that i did isn't fantastic and i cast on with 30 stitches and cast off with 39 ;-0 lol i am quite proud with what i achieved - here it is....

So now i have cast on again and am going to make myself a little cushion i just hope i can manage it without dropping stitches and even gaining them he! he!


Is that myself and my youngest Oleigh have made a cupcake cake and it has turned out really well unlike the pancakes i normally end up with we are both proud of it, maybe too proud to let anyone eat it ......

Its vanilla and chocolate chip sponge with buttercream icing and malteasers yum!yum!


  1. That knitting is so neat. Well done. The cake looks yummy.

  2. For your first ever effort I think you should be thrilled. As Zoe says, your stitches are very neat, which is the main thing.
    When I started I would count the stitches at the end of every row and then knit two together or make one on the rows when the count was wrong. You can imagine what it looked like! (I was 25 at the time and making a matinee jacket.)
    The cake looks wonderful too.