Saturday, 10 October 2009

Was up very late last night - no wait early hours of this morning!!!

I have wanted to send something to artbymimi for the christmas lbom book of misi)as it would be my first time to participate in something as great as this!

Anyway i have been so busy with the family and totally forgot about the deadline which was today 10th Oct!!I realised this yesterday and started to panic.

But the lovely Mimi said i still had time to send my business cards and thought i would send a few samples so i started this at 10.30 last night and carried on into the early hours to get my samples finished soi could send them today.

Well i did finish them and have now been posted out and although i am very very tired and i am really pleased that i managed it and pleased with what i made.

So i will stop writing now and show you all my Christmas Lbom samples

I think i have sent 30 in total what do you think? x~*X~*x


  1. they look lovely kelly, looking at the time on your post you really meant this morning, did you go to bed and have you had the chance of a nice lie in?

  2. was up @ 7.45am no such thing as a lyin in this house!